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One Agent.  One Call.  Many Options…

Insurance. Just the mention of it makes some people cringe. It has been described by some as painful as buying a car. Why is that? For most, dealing with an insurance company or an agent sometimes is just too difficult. Here’s the main reason why. Let me see if I can illustrate the problem. Your agent Joe Smith is an agent for ManyFarmState insurance. You have been with him for years. Every year your rates increase, and every year you want to go out and try to find someone else. But to do that, you would have to contact multiple Joes. You quickly realize that shopping multiple insurance companies is a pain. It takes a lot of time, not to mention also a multiple number of agents now will call you trying to sell you their insurance. YOU have more important things to do. So as a result, you contact your agent Joe, and ask him to see what he can do. Unfortunately, Joe has only one option for you and your insurance needs. He has no control over insurance rates.  His hands are tied and cannot do too much to help you. Joe unfortunately is on the wrong side of the sales table. He is obligated to sell what ManyFarmState has as an insurance product. Namely, this means he has to push a client to buy what may be an over-priced product.  He is sitting on the insurance carrier side of the table, not with you. You are there all alone.

So this familiar scenario leaves you in a predicament. But my friends, there is a solution.

Meet your local independent agent, Tommy Moeller from Team Moeller Agency. As an independent agent, Tommy is licensed to represent several insurance companies and sell their insurance products. He is not tied to any one company. Back at the insured/insurer sales meeting table, Tommy sits with you on your side. If you aren’t happy with a rate or product, guess what? Tommy and you both get up from the table and leave, together. He is your representative and is there to help YOU. In dealing with multiple companies, Tommy obtains several quotes for you, providing an apples to apples comparison to your insurance. Most important, he does this for you and at NO COST to you!

Every year when renewal time comes, Tommy has the ability to price shop your situation and rates again for you. Should a better option appear and it makes sense, Tommy will discuss it with you and painlessly handle the move over to another carrier. You do not have to do a thing! This is the value in your local independent agent. Call Team Moeller Agency today or drop an email to Join the winning team today!

Your personal insurance agent. Customer service second to none. Professional and timely.


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